Fifi Alvianto is the author of The-Alvianto.com, a personal web blog about family, traveling and lifestyle since 2010. She's been blogging since 2006 (10 years), and this is her 7th blog out of 8. She's also a mompreneur and currently focusing on maintaining her blog activity and modern relaxed-inspired clothing brand, Casa Elana that has been established since 2010.

She graduated with a degree of Multimedia (Graphic Communication Design) in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), and had experienced working in creative fields, such as Advertising Agency, National & Local Television (her previous job was Multimedia and Motion Graphic Designer), also once owned a Magazine (LAIQA Magazine now HijUp Magazine - as Editor in Chief and CEO).

Now she works from her home, running the business and her full-time blogging job. She's happy being a wife and amateur mom. She spends her day with blogging projects, taking photographs, doing creative stuffs with her 2 kids, Lola & Lana Alvianto, and of course exploring the internet.

This blog is dedicated for her daughters, Lola was born on Monday, August 2011 and Lana was born on Tuesday, August 2013, both of them by normal labour. Hopefully her blog can be the source of information for moms all over the world.

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