Hi, my name is Fifi Alvianto, A Happy Wife, Amateur Mom, Founder of LAIQA Magazine, Life Photographer, Family Blogger, Motion Graphic Designer and own a clothing brand named Casa Elana.

This is a blog for my daughters, Lola Alvianto and Lana Alvianto. Lola was born on Monday, August 2011 and Lana was born on Tuesday, August 2013, both of them by normal labour. I've been blogging since 2006, around 9 years, and this is my 7th blog from 8 blogs. It's not easy to maintain all of them, but this one is my favourite. Enjoy my experience, article, photos and videos :)

Small infos : Met my husband at 23, married at 24, pregnant at 25, becoming a mom at 26, second child pregnancy at 27, becoming mom of two at 28.

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