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My name is Fifi Alvianto, 28 y.o. A Happy Wife, Amateur Mom, LAIQA Magazine Editor in Chief, Life Photographer, Family Blogger, Motion Graphic Designer and own a clothing brand named Casa Elana.

This is a blog for my daughters, Aurora Azzahra Alvianto and Alana Aisha Alvianto. Lola was born on Monday - 22nd of August 2011 and Lana was born on Tuesday - 27th of August 2013, both of them by normal labour. I've been blogging since 2006, around 7 years, and this is my 7th blog. I know it's not easy to maintain all the blogs, but I guess this one is my favourite. Well enjoy the blog :)

Small infos : Met my husband at 23, married at 24, pregnant at 25, becoming a mom at 26, second child pregnancy at 27, becoming mom of two at 28.

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