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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Are You A Graphic Designer

Yup I need a hijabi female Graphic Designer, fresh graduate are welcome. Send me your best resume via email. Preferably likes fashion and graduated from Design School. Well I hope this will be a very promising job and of course it's gonna be an exciting journey :)

And yeay I am back to real office hours work and finally got a baby sitter for Lola. From Full-Time-Mom to Working-Mom is a challenging thing, but I've managed to deal with it. It's been a very long preparation, almost 4 months only for creating the company with lotsa meetings, and there will be another long journey to accomplish the big dream. Hopefully I can do it although I'm very nervous having this new job and new baby sitter. Since this will be my very first using baby sitter service, I had no idea how to maximize her ability taking care Lola while I'm not at home.

Wish us luck :)


  1. Mba fifi, I'm a a hijabi female Graphic Designer working in a company, i'd like to if u need a freelancer :)
    kindly please come to see my blog :

    Thanks :)